Angie & Alan - "True Love Binds"

Starring: Alan & Angie
Location: The Cyprian Garden

Synopsis: I met hot Alan and Angie on a recruiting tour a while back, and couldn't help but notice they were the every bit the hot couple. Now real couples are somewhat uncharted territory for Pixel Sin, but when Angie and Alan invited me over to look at Angie's new outfit, I couldn't refuse.

Alan was not wrong. Angie looked stunning in her tied skirt and plunging top, and gave the camera an eyeful of her ample breasts. The view was too much for her man, and he was soon getting 'hands on' with his girl, stripping her naked and strapping her to a wooden cross.

Angie moaned as Alan ran his eager hands over her body, before reaching down and slipping her favourite toy just where she liked it...deep into her tight pussy. Angie was wet for him, and Alan knew it. He quickly removed his clothes and thrust his hard, throbbing cock inside her, bringing tears to her eyes as he buried himself up to the hilt in her tight hole.

The scene got hotter by the minute as Angie and Alan enjoyed eachother's bodies, culminating in a joint moment of bliss as Alan released his hot load into his girl's pussy, accompanied perfectly by her orgasmic screams.

Well it's official, folks. True love does bind...and makes one smoking hot scene, too! Angie and Alan...I'm impressed, and a little jealous, too! Bravo!